Concerning the Hunters

Hunting the Fictitious White Elephant :

CharlotteCharlotte was born into a nomadic tribe in Mongolia. After being abducted by a Russian children’s circus, she escaped to the geographical center of the great state of Ohio. For years, she operated a surprisingly successful weasel farm. Now she’s got a new sexy wok. She’s an avid bird watcher. Currently squatting in Portland, Maine, Charlotte folds clothing and has exquisite calves.

JennyReverend Gold is best known as a rogue beekeeper and international spy. Until recently, she toured the southern United States in her mobile home/ampitheatre, delivering groundbreaking sermons and performing songs on the mouth-harp. She enjoys games involving knives. She spends the majority of her time creating new hybrid fruits and vegetables, her best known creation being the “cacto-tomato-melon.” Recently, Jenny’s been spotted in Portland, Maine, walking like a camel, always thinking.

oldtomTom was last seen on May 17, 1997 behind a well known laser tag operation in Lawrence, Kansas. Composite photography above details how Tom may look today. Via various notes, cave paintings and found diaries, we know his interests include throwing pebbles at chickens, collecting strange silverware and taking photographs of circles.

P1010713Peanut never seems to post any findings, but we believe that she believes in the hunt in an honest and barbaric manner. Thank you Peanut.