If you or someone you know has made something

and had a good time doing it,

it might belong here, at the Good-Time Emporium.

(see bottom of this page for more specific guidelines)


Send your thing(s) here:  THE HUNTERS

(that’s goodtimemporium at gmail dot com)


While we are open to submissions of ALL KINDS, we do ask that you look through the blog and see the kinds of things we believe help with the hunt for the fictitious white elephant.

1. poetry? we rarely accept rhyming poems. we tend to like shorter, lyrical, narrative work.

2. photographs? the contributor must be the author of the photographs. we don’t want a photograph of a public sculpture, or a photograph you found on the internet.

3. in general? we don’t want to have guidelines that are too specific, as we are open to posting all sort of things. but: please look around the emporium  before submitting, and see the kinds of things we tend to post.