Hunting Spots (links)


1. From the Hunting Party


Alex Seitz-Wald

Gustav Gustafsson

James Mcloughlin

Rachelle Cohen

Brightlightbrightlight (Jaime Martinez)

Jackie Lehmann

Megan Charland

Tea Shafie

This is Fed(erico Ferrari)

Frau (Julia Mari) Bernaus

Calamity Cole

24HourLaundromat (Michael Crumpton)

Mabel Ko

Alex Hills

Drink this Cola (Andrew Colarusso)

The Pleasure is Back (Adam Medley)

Mark Andrew Webber

Michal Hersman

Basco 5

Ben Nardolilli

Amazing Wow

Jeff Bartell Design

Howie Good

James Kelleher

Jaime Alvarez

Brian Betteridge

Oven Fire Studio (Heidi Elise Wirz)

The Institute of Spiritual Magnetics (Viktoria A. Lisbet)

Hybrid Floaters (Charlotte X.C. Sullivan)

Tom Myers

Happiness Island (Kelly Evers Jackson)

Mae Ryan

Daily Shot (Patrick)

Scott Teplin

Mathew Scott

Rachel de Joode

Soldier On Dear Friend

Oliver Bowes

The New Lows

The Significant Figures

Jason Edwards

bon-kai (Adam Zaka)


Manuel Marano

Brian Forrest

Eleanor Pigman

Bond Blackwell

Darren Cole

Peter Winnet

Savanna Snow

The Road is the Goal (Martin Connelly)

2. From the Interweb


Let’s Paint TV

From the Fish House

Radical Cartography

Down Home Radio Show

Strange Maps

The Anarchist’s Outpost

One of the Best Books Ever

African Hats

Martin Wilner

Score Card

Born Magazine

Black Cab Sessions

20 by 200

“Unnecessary ” “Quotation” “Marks”

10th Dimension!?

Gawker Artists


Raw Dog Press

Ed Rondthaler

SPACE gallery

Weirder Park General Store

D.A.M. Magazine

Garfield Minus Garfield

Quest for the Rest

Alpha Inventions

Blog Catalog

Frugal Photographer

Octopus Magazine