Note Takers (writers)

Charlotte Jobrack – Elegy for an Unknown (the morning after the concert)

Tom MyersPicking Blueberries with Jesus , Dichotologue

Steven Leroy Mingus II – Fictitious White Russian

Margosia Jadkowski – For the First Time in a Long Time

Carson WernerTwo Bouquets

Paige Clunie – False Negatives

Ryan Bender-Murphy – Mark Gerchak’s Beard & ComfortBigfoot

Julie Gittens- A Simple Tale

Carolyn Deuschle – My Crow Costume

Sara Hutchins – How to Get to the MoonA Kind of Ars Poetica

Liz Stovall – Tiller Aborted

Julia GermaineWorship a Warship

Jennifer M. Kuhn – Four Days Spent in Bed, Three Awake, Two Crying

Howie GoodHeartsick

John Biscello – A Stream Flows in Brooklyn

Rick SpulerZebra

M.V. Montgomery – Mars Dream, Do Just It & Five Reasons

Christopher ThomasAfter Resigning from a Church & Fruit-Bearing Flowers

Ben NardolilliWednesday Song & Revised with a New Introduction

Marc Carver – Haiku, Bornemouth & Jon

Andrew Colarusso – & on Alto

Joaquin Fernandez – The Escapist

Michael Crumptonchucks line the hallway

Simrat King – Clock Moves Backward & Origami Swans

Aaron Piepszny – Cherublingo

Willian Nash – Poem for Charles Bannan

M M Greco – I spent yesterday alone…

Amanda Halkiotis – Thanks a Lot, Margaret Mitchell

John Campbell – Bodies

Erin Gallery – Rooms by Sea, 1951 & Catacomb