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Three Elephant Orchestrals, by Quilt


listen to: Disco Music For Trees

and (fictitious white): Elephant’s Tusk II

and then: Three (Untitled)

All three tracks are great, and from an upcoming release.

Quilt is from Boston and is performing around New England in August.

listen/learn more at Quilt’s: myspace


Elephant Orchestrals, by Flora and Fauna


click here to listen to Flora and Fauna: Comedowns

The forty minutes of music is compact and sprawling, each song self-contained but also part of the larger narrative (a reflection on Bob Dole’s senate years).  These songs are best on headphones and better on speakers and bestest stuck in your head.

Released 4/09 on Amazing Wow.

click here to listen to Flora and Fauna: Powers of Ten

listen/learn more: here

524, by Miracles of Modern Science


click here to listen to Miracles of Modern Science: 524

Miracles of Modern Science’s debut EP contains the staples of their dynamic live show. Finally, everything from the sinuous strings to the ghostly mandolin to the thumping upright bass is packaged for home delivery.

Released on Amazing Wow.

listen/learn more: here

Elephant Orchestrals, by Viktoria A. Lisbet


click here to listen to Viktoria A. Lisbet: Never

Viktoria A. Lisbet’s new album: ‘The Ardour of Fall Down Charley’ will be released 7.17.09

click here to listen to Viktoria A. Lisbet: Forever (and Ever) I do


 learn more about Viktoria: here  

& become a fan on facebook: here

Weatherman, by the Significant Figures

l_b0c89dd992c94e1997b78edb4df9a4ceclick here to listen to The Significant Figures: Weatherman

listen to more Significant Figures: here

& see their myspace: here

No Muse, by The New Lows


Click to listen to The New Lows: No Muse

visit The New Lows on myspace: here

Elephant Orchestrals, by Soldier on Dear Friend


click to listen to Soldier On Dear Friend: Acorns

From the band: “We’re Soldier on Dear Friend, a band from deep in the forest of your imagination. We can often be found puttering around and playing shows in New York and Philadelphia. We are in the process of recording our first full-length album, which tells the story of  a very brave little girl. With changing protagonists ranging from a mother, daughter, husband, wife—each song adds to this narrative that takes you on a whimsical and fantastical journey. ”

 & click here to listen to: Soldier On Dear Friend: Midnight Comes

more about Soldier On Dear Friend at their myspace: here

and on their blog: here