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Soul-Stealers, by Charlotte X. C. Sullivan





“Bubble Drawing” (more: here)

& more of Charlotte’s work: here

Hand-mades, by Charlotte X. C. Sullivan








“One Day”

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see all of Charlotte’s work: here.

A Soul-Stealer & 2 Hand-mades, by Hope Clunie


“Fiori Gialli”





Fictitious White Russian, by Steven Leroy Mingus II

the parable about raising kittens:

A rich young man said to the saint, “I have everything I desire. When I want something, I can buy it. I’m the most successful businessman of my age this city has ever seen. But everything I have falls into disrepair; I’m lonely. I spend all of the daylight hours working in my store, turning profits and skimming, and when I finally close up at dusk, I’m too tired to join anyone for company.  I’m young and I feel at the end of my life. Why am I unhappy?” to which the saint replied, “what you think you want you do not want. You’re like a young married couple given a kitten as a wedding present. Soon after, the wife sees that the kitten jumps when it is startled, and it gives her a laugh. She shows her husband and he laughs too. While the kitten is growing they have great fun sneaking up behind the kitten so as to scare it. Many years pass and the kitten grows into a full-sized tomcat who jumps at the slightest noise and is too afraid to capture mice. The couple criticizes their scaredy-cat and blame his mother. People do not understand the fruits their labor produces, and they say ‘why is it so?’”


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2 Soul-Stealers, by Jeb Block


west virginia apocalypse

“West Virginia Apocolypse”

power to the people

“Power to the People”

Tree Sculpture, by Emma Balazs

tree of rakes

This tree sculpture is made entirely out of rakes. Look closer.